Where is SMARTair used?

  •     Universities and campuses
  •     Kindergartens/nurseries
  •     Primary schools and high schools
  •     Student accommodation
  •     Research institutes
  •     Training centres
  •     Libraries

Who is considered?

  •     Teachers/Employees
  •     Residents
  •     Students
  •     Suppliers/Cleaning staff
  •     Other external staff
  •     Visitors

Common Challenges

Your access control must protect multiple door types and a user group in constant flux. You need a system able to take additional doors, different door formats, and new system requirements in its stride, while future-proofing your investment in building security. Robust locks are another must.

SMARTair solution

Powerful functionality comes as standard with SMARTair. It also has features built for education, including:


  •     Electronic privacy, a “do not disturb” option activated from inside a room
  •     Escape and return, so residents leave rapidly in an emergency yet regain access afterwards
  •     Multi-use credentials for locks, canteen payments, photocopying and more

Funway Academic Resort

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Student Accomodation


Madrid, Spain



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